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I teach courses and workshops related to media art/design and new technologies at art academies, universities, schools and cultural institutions. I've worked as a researcher at The Patching Zone and at Complutense University of Madrid and supporting other artists in media labs and art production centers such as v2_, Banff Centre and Ars Electronica Futurelab.


10.2014 - 04.2015 Guest Lecturer, WdKA (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) “Paper String Electronic Things", Module Movement

01.2015 Guest Lecturer, MA in Digital Futures, OCAD University, (Toronto, Canada). Points of departure.

10.2014 Workshop, Zadkine, HT department (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) “Research & app development"

10.2014 Guest Lecturer, WdKA (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) “Digital Crafts”, Module Movement

06.2014 - 07.2014 Guest Lecturer & mentor, Film Art Action Party (Cinevilla, Latvia)

11.2013 - 04.2014 Workshops, Zadkine, HT & ICT departments (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) “The Wilhelminapier Experience”

10.2012 Workshop, Camon (Alicante & Murcia, Spain) “Processing & Kinect”

04.2011 Workshop, Golferichs (Barcelona, Spain) “OpenFrameworks”

04.2011 Workshop, Ciant (Prague, Czech Republic) “Kinect & computer vision”

04.2011 Workshop, Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain) “Computer vision with OF”

06.2010 Workshop, Banff Centre (Banff, Canada) “OpenFrameworks”

01.2007 Workshop, Caixaforum (Barcelona, Spain) “Google Maps API”

Invited talks

08.2015 Master in Electronics Arts, UNTREF (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

09.2014 Ars Electronica Festival. IC 10 years anniversary. (Linz, Austria)

07.2014 “Film as Objet Trouvé”, (Cinevilla, Latvia)

06.2014 SCAD –Savannah College of Art and Design– (Atlanta, US)

12.2013 “PZI alumni”, Worm, (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

01.2007 Caixaforum (Barcelona, Spain)


06.2014 Lloret J. & Valkanova N. Puzzle Facade: a site-specific urban technological intervention. Published in DIS’2014 (Vancouver, Canada),

11.2011 Lloret J. & Kirton T. The Maze EV: a two-player installation game. Published in ACE’2011, Creative Showcase and Interactive Art. 2011.