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The rearrangement of the spatial settings has been a recurrent aspect of my experiments with interactive media.

Some of these works (Puzzle Facade, Lummo Blocks) invite passers-by to participate in a playful ephemeral experience that takes place in the public space. In both of them there is an act of appropriation of classic games to create a large-scale experience, but with different motivations: to create social interaction on a square (Lummo Blocks) and to create the illusion of transforming the architecture thanks to a strong spatial connection between building (Ars Electronica Center), referred object (Rubik’s cube) and tangible interface (interface-cube).

In some of these projects there is an emphasis to create a set of rules that enforces the participants' collaboration (Lummo Blocks, Mix U Up!). In the latest, a conflict where the players have to decide if the prioritize to collaborate or to compete with each other is created to explore human behaviour.

The Maze EV, on the contrary, creates a competitive game-like setting with a highly hierarchical role structure that offers the possibility of redefining virtual space what brings it close to the idea of meta-game.

Puzzle Facade

Lummo Blocks

Mix U Up!

The Maze EV