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I combine a practice as a researcher and lecturer in the field of media design/art, with an artistic practice based on installation, video art and photographic work.


You can contact me at: contact(at)javierlloret(dot)info

Awards & Recognition

08.2015 Summer Sessions Artist in Residence V2_/UNTREF (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

03.2015 CBK O&O Art Grant (Rotterdam)

03.2015 Invited to be a jury member of the SEGD Award 2015 (US)

03.2015 Communication Arts Award 2015 (US)

03.2015 A' Design Award 2015 (US)

03.2015 iF Student Design Award (Germany)

10.2014 Annual Multimedia 2015 Award (Germany)

09.2014 Innovation by Design Finalist (US)

09.2014 Lumen Prize Finalist (UK)

07.2014 Applied Arts Student Award (Canada)

06.2014 Valencia Crea 2014 Interaction Design Award, 1st Prize (Spain)

06.2014 SEGD Award 2014 (US)

06.2014 Almacén de las Artes Videoart Award, 2nd Prize (Spain)

05.2014 ED Award 2014, Bronze (Germany)

05.2014 :output 2014 Distinction Award (Germany/The Netherlands)

05.2014 Creativity Student Award 2014 (US)

05.2014 IDEA 2014 Finalist (US)

12.2013 Vimeo Staff Pick

05.2010 Grant Matadero Movilidad (Spain)

Selected shows

05.2016 OBLICUA (Lisbon, Portugal)

04.2016 ART LIMA (Lima, Peru)

03.2016 De PUNT (Amsterdam)

11.2015 Video Art Festival Bogotá (Colombia)

10.2015 Ct. Cultural de España (Tegucigalpa)

10.2015 - 11.2015 Bienal de Vídeo (Chile)

05.2015 Athens Digital Arts Festival (Greece)

01.2015 - 04.2015 Re:Work (Germany)

03.2015 LP2 (Rotterdam,The Nehterlands)

11.2014 ArtJaén (Jaén, Spain)

10.2014 Museo Belber Jiménez (Mexico)

10.2014 Athens Video Art Festival (Greece)

09.2014 Matadero (Madrid, Spain)

09.2014 Galeria Santa Clara (Portugal)

09.2014 Box Video Art Project Space (Italy)

07.2014 Videoart Festival Miden (Greece)

04.2014 - 06.2014 Fonlad Arts Festival (Lisbon)

03.2014 Fargo Film Festival (Fargo, US)

12.2013 Madatac 05 Video Art Festival (Spain)

10.2013 Ars Electronica Center (Linz, Austria)

10.2013 Simultan Festival (Romania)

06.2013 - 08.2013 TENT (Rotterdam)

05.2013 - 01.2014 Kunstkijk (Sommelsdijk)

11.2012 - 12.2012 Science Gallery (Ireland)

11.2012 Glow Festival (Eindhoven)

10.2012 - 12.2012 Festes de la Mercè (Spain)

06.2012 Worm (Rotterdam)

11.2011 ACE creative showcase (Portugal)

08.2011 Agosto digital CCE (Argentina)

04.2011 Enter 5 Biennale (Czech Republic)

10.2010 - 04.2011 Medialab-Prado (Spain)

12.2010 - 01.2011 Museo Wurth (Spain)

09.2010 EU Media Facade Festival (Germany)

09.2010 Ars Electronica Festival 2010 (Austria)

06.2010 Festival 21 grados (Sevilla, Spain)

09.2009 Ars Electronica Festival 2009 (Austria)

03.2009 - 08.2009 Santralistambul (Turkey)

09.2009 Tweak Festival (Limerick, Ireland)

09.2008 Robot Festival (Bolonia, Italy)

04.2008 Node 08 Festival (Frankfurt, Germany)

Selected press

Furtherfield,Gamescenes, Time, The Creators Project, Form, Core77, Designboom, PSFK, Inhabitat, Complex, Dvice, ArchDaily, Archilovers, Popular Science, Gizmodo, Adafruit, Hack A Day, CNET,Le Figaro, The Huffington Post, Vjspain, Oldskull, Microsiervos, Colossal, WeTheUrban, Yahoo, Engadget, Be-Street, Khaleejesque, Urban lightscapes

abc News (US), Channel One (Russia), Discovery Channel (Canada), Gama Tv news (Ecuador), La2. Nube de tags (Spain), TVE News (Spain)


Book, A Touch of Code: Interactive Installations and Experiences

Book, Annual Multimedia 2015

Book, Communication Arts Interactive Annual 2015

Book, :output 17

Paper, Aesthetics of Interactive Art: Towards Interface-Centric Art-Games

Magazine, Arquitecture and Urbanism. Feature: Data-Driven Cities,

Magazine, Experiential Graphics

Magazine, Lightecture

Magazine, Professional Lighting Design

Magazine, Communication Arts April 2015

Magazine, Mexico Design

Newspaper, Información