Javier Lloret Pardo


Military deception in an art context

14.8 x 21 cm, 70 pages of 120g paper, invisible ink, UV light, 2017.

"Military deception in an art context" is an empty book at first sight, whose content is only revealed under UV light.
Throughout history, deception has proven to be a fundamental element in warfighting. This publication explores the relation of existing and potential connections between deception techniques, some of them conceived for military purposes, and a broad range of artistic practices. The artwork analyzed in this publication include performance, visual and media arts. They make use of deception for different purposes including surprise, concealment, parody and resistance.
In a military context the subject to be deceived is the enemy. In the case studies, the subject depends on the artist’s intentions: the audience, corporate organizations, capitalism, art institutions, mass media. They’re all potential targets.