Javier Lloret


Points of departure - Horizons (2015)

Two-channel video installation

Horizons is a two-channel video installation that explore the feeling of longing to distant oversea destinations. The sea and the shoreline in ports and harbours were the first sight for people migrating to new lands. Two confronted large-scale vertical projections visualize two different points of view: the sight of travelers' journey before departing to the new world and the view of the pier itself. The misty visual atmosphere of these video projections is related to the deep uncertainty of those departures. This installation is connected to the real-time wind data of Wilhelminapier and makes use of a multi-speaker sound system to represent the sound of the shores according to the changes of the direction and speed of the wind.
As part of the collaborative series of works "Points of Departure", initiated by The Patching Zone.